Taught by Reborn Doll Artist Deborah Steele


Class Information:
Individual instruction in the Art of Reborning are available for both adults and children 8 and up. Classes meet 4 times for a total of 8 hours class time. Each class is 2 hours long at $20.00 an hour with purchase of one of my doll kits, $25.00 if you have your own kit. 

Materials, including paints, stuffing materials, mohair for rooting, cloth body slip, diaper and t-shirt for finished doll, are $45.00 ($10.00 more for larger kits).
Most in stock kits are $59.95. Each kit includes head, limbs and body slip. Eyes for open-eyed babies are $6.99.
Frequently asked questions:
Q. If class has already started will I need to catch up?
A. No at all. My classes are on-going so you can jump right in at any point. Everyone works at his or her own pace and instruction with individual instruction to the needs of each student.
Q. I’m not all all artistic, can I really paint my own baby doll?
A. Yes, most of my students have no prior experience or knowledge of painting technique. Anyone with the patience and the love of dolls, can make a beautiful, one of a kind, baby doll.
Q. How many classes will I need?
A. My classes are 3 hours long. Most dolls can be completed in 3 to 4 classes. I will show you how to root the doll’s hair when the painting is completed. Most of my students take the doll’s head home to root, as this takes the longest time.
Q Where are the Classes held:
A Classes are held in my Shop in Delmont, Pa. Directions can be found on this website or feel free to call me.
Q. How do I sign up for Classes?
A. You may register by phone or stop in the shop during normal business hours, Mon-Sat from 10:00am to 5;00pm.
Class Requirements:
You will choose your kit when you come in to register or when you come in for your first class. Your kit and materials fee plus first class fee is due when you begin. Classes are then paid for as you go.
For more information or to schedule for your class phone: 724-834-4171

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